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Featured Projects

- Noble Rot -
Working closely with the client Wilde Signs was engaged to design and upgrade the signage for one of Wellington's best restaurants. The design brief was to create a sign which embodied the spirit of the restaurant and to find materials which would last longer than the existing sign had.

As part of the design process we were asked to do renderings and site engineering drawings to demonstrate how the sign would live in the space. During this phase it was discovered that an upgraded lighting package was going to be necessary to help the signs readability especially at night. Combined with the new lighting, the dimensional nature of the lettering and the brilliant gold leaf, sign readability was inproved significantly.

The weather in Wellington presents particular challenges for the longevity of signs. As was the case with the existing signage here, the weather had taken it's toll. We had an opportunity here to try something new. This is the first sign in NZ made using a high density sign foam product - "Green Foam" -

In the end, we think the results speak for themselves. And we happen to be enormously proud of this one.