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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated = immediate impact.

Plus, it increases your visibility once the sun sets, enhances colour and gives you an immediate advantage over competitors with standard non-illumination.

Designed correctly, it produces a stylish effect which conveys a sophistication that standard signs simply can’t compete with.

We have an understanding of both internal and external lighting technique that comes from years of technical experience. We use cutting-edge LED technology to provide a whole range of illumination options such as lightboxes, neon, exterior lit monument signs and custom backlit channel lettering. Neon is ideal for restaurants and bars, while a colourful lightbox draws the eye during the day and looks spectacular at night. Adding a halo effect with backlighting adds a refined touch.

LED is the most energy efficient type of illumination, so if you are looking to implement a green image with an attention-grabbing sign, this is for you.